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  Birds Watching

Bird Watching in Nepal is a rapidly growing form of recreation. With the opening of Koshi Tappu Reserve, this activity has rapidly gained momentum. Other parks and reserves are also attracting more birdwatchers.

Nepal is home to various species of rare and migratory birds. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve alone has recorded over 250 species of birds. Rare birds include Impeyean pheasant, the national bird, snow cock, snow pigeon, giant horn-bill, saras crane, babblers and others, etc. Every year millions of birds migrate from Tibet, Siberia and the northern mountains to the lowlands and the Terai. The Koshi Barrage is also one of the most important migratory habitats. Other lakes and ponds in the Terai and the midlands also form important migratory routes. Bird watching is a very pleasant experience during late autumn and early spring when the migration occurs.

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