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  Kaiser Library

The famous Kaiser Library consists mostly of Kaiser Shumshere Rana’s vast collection of more than 45,000 books and magazines that cover an amazing number of topics such as astrology, law, gardening, history, art, hunting, religion and philosophy besides literary works of the world’s greatest writers, dictionaries and encyclopedias. Of special interest are also the numerous wall maps that depict Europe and other regions during the early 20th century. 

During the last days of the Rana regime Kaiser Shumshere was a Field Marshal in the Nepalese army. From an early age, Kaiser Shumshere had been interested in buying and collecting different types of books and newspapers. On his visit to England with his father Maharaja Chandra Shumshere, he was very impressed by the ruling system of England and also by the library system and the proper management of books there. He brought a large number of books from England. Even though the books in his library grew in number they were his personal property and out of reach of ordinary people. Access to the library was limited to members of his family, important people of the nation and special visitors from abroad. However, before his death in 1964, he bequeathed his library to the government, thereby making it a national property. Besides his invaluable collection, the library also features current newspapers and magazine for daily visitors.

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