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  Kayaking in Nepal

Kayaking is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports and offers an incredible range of activity options from relaxing flatwater paddling to racing, sea kayaking or whitewater kayaking. The fall is an excellent time to learn to Eskimo Roll in a warm pool. The Eskimo Roll is the act of righting a kayak if you flip and is an essential skill for many forms of kayaking.This Beginner's Class will teach the Eskimo Roll and basic kayaking strokes.

Kayaking is usually an individual water sport. Kayaks are made from a special type of plastic and have floatation devices inserted to aid buoyancy. Kayakers move through the water with a double blade paddle understanding river flow, negotiating rapids and obstacles on the river, enjoying unity with nature and the river.

With its wide range of rivers and wealth of challenging rapids, Nepal is the perfect destination for kayaking. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced white water kayaker keen to tackle one of our more challenging rivers, we can arrange a fun and rewarding kayaking experience for you.

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