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  Lumbini Village Tour

A walk through the village surrounding Lumbuni interaction  with warm and   hospitable  local people , buying their  authentic  handicraft produce and   observing their  traditional rituals will bring one closer to understand the   diversity of  tarai culture. In Nepal. Tour of village also gives opportunity    to observe  Treai landscape and  vegetation found in the  outskirts  of the    settlement. The people in this traditional  villers offer  a peek at thrie agro-   based rural lifestyle colorful costume , festival which they celebrating with   much joy and enthusiasm and gracious hospitality. They belong different    religions cast and creed, with agriculture as main occupation The main festival    celebration  by the people  The main festival celebrated by the people are Nag    Panchami  Holi  Dashain  and Thihar,  Tourist can visit the local temple and   mosques or partake in the culture ceremonies . the wetland  area  lakes and   pounds in the village also offer bird watching opportunities Visitor have option   choosing to walk through  the villagers . riding through a local  rickshaw or   bullock cart. Ekala offers culture sightseeing in village and  bird watching    at  lake  Karabolaha  that has a crane sanctuary   nearby. Visitours  can also   visit Shiva  and kalimaisthan temples and aosque in the neighborhood. They live   in ideational stone  tend house. The main ethnic  groups who lives here Are   yadav, hatijan, Chamar, Gupta and Muslim. The languages spoken are Bhojpuri and    Nepali.

Khudabagar offers cultures sight seen  in the village and    bird watching  at Punnihawa lake  which is the wetland areas. The main grope   slaving   here are Tharu, yadav, Lodh Harizen, Kurmi, Gupta and  Muslims.    Tourist can also visit the recently set up Tharu museum. Thnuhawa   offers peak   are the Muslim   culture and bird watching at crane sanctuary Karbolaha Lake   toward the north – west of the village . Here you can observe women working at   indigenous crafts making colorful baskets, handicraft items that are also   available on sale at different sales outlets . One can also pay visit to the   mosque in the village. Lumbini Adarsha has archaeological sites that date back   to the 4th and 5th century . Visitors can also visit the Shiva shrines and   observe cutstomary traditional costumes, the local agro-based lifestyle. Lumbini   Adarsha Leads to the ancient villages of Padariya , Manauri and Khungai . The   people living here are mostly Yadhav , Mallah, Shreevastav, Kohar , Murau,   Muslim and Goshami.

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