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  National Museums

One of the most interesting museums is the National Museum of Nepal in Chauni near Swoyambhu, which was established in 1928 as an Arsenal Museum in a historical building constructed during the premiership of General Bhimsen Thapa. The museum was initially known as Chhauni Silkhana which literally means "the stone house of arms and ammunitions". It was opened as a public museum in the year 1938 by the then Prime Minister Juddha Shumshere JBR who made it possible for Nepalis to visit the museum paying very little as entrance fee. He also established the art museum and named it after himself ‘Juddha Jatiya Kalashala’. Until then the only people who had access to this wonderful collection of art had been visiting scholars/dignitaries and invitees or guests of the Rana Prime Minister. Later in 1967, during the reign of King Mahendra, it was renamed Rashtriya Sangrahalaya, the National Museum of Nepal.   

There are three buildings within the museum premises:  

The main historical building 
Juddha Jatiya Kalashala 
Buddhist Art Gallery m

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