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  Rafting In Nepal

Nepal has earned the reputation of one of the best destinations for white water rafting. The snow fed crystal clear mighty Himalayan rivers flowing towards the Bay of Bengal are the most attractive and exciting destinations for river rafting in the various locations of this Himalayan kingdom. Cruising down rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make up excitement of a lifetime. Rivers here are regarded as goddesses, and are included in a number of Hindu and Buddhist religious rituals. Nepal has many rivers for you to explore: Trishuli River (rafting for 1 up to 3 days), Seti River (2 days trip), Bhote Khosi River (2 days rafting trip), Kali Gandaki River (3 days rafting), Marshyangdi River (4 days), Sun Koshi River (7 up to 9 days rafting), Arun River (9 days of rafting adventure), Karnali River (10 days of whitewater rafting), Tamur River (11 days whitewater adventure).

On these rivers you will find the world's most thrilling whitewaters with a wide range of difficulties, warm water and bug free beaches for camping. All this makes a wealth of unlimited opportunities for great rafting, kayaking, Climbing, Mountaineering, biking, hiking and ever popular trekking adventures in Nepal. Nepal has something to offer to everyone. The best time for rafting is from October through mid-December and March through early May. In winter hypothermia may be hindrance to some. During monsoons months of June through September, the white water sections are dangerous, but gentler stretches are easy to raft on. Come, experience the thrill with us!

We are operating following white water River Rafting many diffrent Himalayan River in Nepal. Dudh Kosi White Water River Rafting Nepal, Tama Kosi White Water River Rafting Nepal, Seti River White Water Rafting Nepal, Bheri River White Water Rafting Nepal, Arun River White Water Rafting Nepal, Kali Gandaki White Water River Rafting Nepal, Bhote Koshi White Water River Rafting Nepal, Tamor White Water River Rafting Nepal, Marsyandi White Water River Rafting Nepal, Karnali White Water River Rafting Nepal and Sunkoshi White Water River Rafting Nepal.

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